Sunshine Beverages Rapidly Expanding Throughout Carolinas

WINSTON-SALEM, NC (MARCH 12, 2018) —Sunshine Beverages, based in Winston-Salem, NC, has partnered with 15 distributors to make the company’s beverages available for the first time throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.  Sunshine Beverages produces, markets and sells a “better-for-you” energy beverage, branded Sunshine, in three refreshing flavors: Ginger Berry, Blueberry Lemonade, and Clementine Twist.

Prior to the distribution agreements completed in the last several months, Sunshine’s availability was concentrated in the Triad and Triangle markets of North Carolina, with limited distribution outside those areas.  Most of Sunshine’s distributors, which now include eight in North Carolina and seven in South Carolina, are part of the Anheuser-Busch distribution network, but Sunshine has also partnered with several MillerCoors distributors.  R.H. Barringer, an Anheuser-Busch distributor based in North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad, is Sunshine’s longest-standing distributor in the Carolinas and has been a key contributor to the brand’s rapid growth.

“Sunshine has experienced incredible traction in partnership with DSD partners like R.H. Barringer,” Sunshine President Lizzie Ward said.  “We decided in 2017 that we needed to adapt a full-scale distribution model in the Carolinas and the greater Southeast to accelerate and support Sunshine’s projected growth.”

“Jack Tally, who has a tremendous track record of creating distribution networks in the beverage industry, joined Sunshine’s team to help build our distribution channels.  Much of the credit for our new distribution network goes to Jack,” Ward said.  “In short order, we will have the ability to offer Sunshine at a variety of large and small retailers located in every corner of the Carolinas.”

“These distributors, of course, distribute alcoholic beverages but also carry a growing portfolio of non-alcoholic drinks including waters, teas and energy drinks,” Sunshine Chief Operating Officer Jack Tally said.  “Their distribution network is best-in-class and aligns well with Sunshine’s market strategy and target consumer demographics.”

“Our goal is more than just putting Sunshine on retail shelves.  We want Sunshine to become part of the fabric of local communities,” Tally added.  “Our new distribution model helps make this possible by having Sunshine readily available not only at large grocery retailers and convenience store chains, but also neighborhood bars, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and even craft breweries.

Ward said Sunshine is building a team of brand ambassadors that will focus their work on offering samples of the beverage at key retail locations and local events, such as music festivals, street festivals, races, and other cultural events in the regions the new distributors now reach. Included in the events targeted by Sunshine are Got to be NC Festival in Raleigh, Dig South in Charleston, the Saltwater Highland Games in Myrtle Beach, the Food Truck Showdown in Asheville and several marathon events across the Southeast.

“We call it cans in hands,” Tally said.  “When people try Sunshine, we win on taste every time.”

Sunshine has also added distribution networks in Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. A new marketing campaign will be launching in April to support expanded distribution, build brand awareness and drive trial of Sunshine.

Teall Sports & Entertainment, a private equity company based in Winston-Salem, NC; Atlanta, GA; and San Francisco, CA, recently became majority owner of Sunshine Beverages, by making an investment in the company.

About Teall Sports & Entertainment

Teall Sports & Entertainment is a privately-held set of investments in innovative, high-growth potential lifestyle brands and services. The company’s leadership has extensive experience in sports, media, marketing, and entertainment, and the group provides its operating companies deep expertise in a number of disciplines: corporate strategy, organizational management, culture and training, financial strategy, employee operations, recruiting, and expert legal diligence.

Teall Sports & Entertainment is led by Ben C. Sutton, Jr. and an executive management team that built and expanded four national market-leading businesses in the college sports space: IMG College Multi-media, IMG College Seating, IMG College Licensing and IMG Learfield Ticketing. Teall invests in complementary organizations that can strategically work together to realize greater value, sharing in expertise, thought leadership, and networks.