Sunshine Beverages Expansion Rolls into Georgia, Including Kroger

ATLANTA (MARCH 26, 2018) —Sunshine Beverages, based in Winston-Salem, NC, is now available outside the Carolinas.  The company announced it has expanded its distribution into Georgia and some areas in eastern Alabama through its partnership with Kroger.  Sunshine Beverages produces, markets and sells a “better-for-you” energy beverage, branded Sunshine, in three refreshing flavors: Ginger Berry, Blueberry Lemonade, and Clementine Twist.

Teall Sports & Entertainment, a private equity company based in Atlanta, Winston-Salem and San Francisco, became majority owner of Sunshine Beverages by making a significant investment in the company in 2017.

As a result of its distribution expansion into Georgia, Sunshine is available at 118 Kroger stores in the grocer’s Atlanta Division.  Sunshine’s launch into Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the country, is a significant milestone in the company’s growth.

Like its established distribution network in the Carolinas, most of Sunshine’s distributors in Georgia and Alabama are part of the Anheuser-Busch distribution network.  Sunshine is being distributed by Atlanta Beverage Company and Eagle Rock Distributing in the Atlanta market and in other parts of Georgia by A.B. Beverage, LaGrange Grocery, Southern Eagle, and MillerCoors wholesaler, Northeast Sales.

“Sunshine has experienced incredible growth in recent months,” Sunshine President Lizzie Ward said.  “It was less than a year ago that we implemented a DSD (direct store delivery) distribution model strategy, and we’ve only just begun our expansion process.  Sunshine’s growth will continue to be accelerated in current markets, and the brand will be introduced to other parts of the Southeast in coming months.”

“The network provided by our distributors is best-in-class and aligns well with Sunshine’s market strategy and target consumer demographics,” Sunshine Chief Operating Officer Jack Tally said.  “Our extensive distribution network in Georgia and the Carolinas means that Sunshine will not only be available at larger grocers like Kroger, but also at a variety of independent, locally owned retailers.”

“Since Sunshine was born in the South, it’s particularly exciting that Sunshine is now available in Atlanta—a culture and lifestyle hub for the region,” Ward said.  “We want Sunshine to become part of the fabric of the communities we’re in, and we are building grassroots programming to support this effort.”

Ward said Sunshine is building a team of brand ambassadors across the Southeast, including Atlanta and other parts of Georgia that will focus their work on in-store demos as well as sampling at local festivals, marathons, concerts and other cultural events. Included in the events targeted by Sunshine are the Atlanta Film Festival, Savannah’s Skidaway Marathon, Virginia Highlands Summerfest and Athen’s AthHalf.

“We call it ‘cans in hands,’” Tally said.  “When people try Sunshine, we win on taste and quality every time.”

Sunshine will launch a new marketing campaign in April to support the expanded distribution, to build brand awareness and to drive trial of Sunshine in these new regions.  In Atlanta, Sunshine will execute an integrated campaign, including out-of-home, streaming audio as well as targeted digital and social.

About Teall Sports & Entertainment

Teall Sports & Entertainment is a privately-held set of investments in innovative, high-growth potential lifestyle brands and services. The company’s leadership has extensive experience in sports, media, marketing, and entertainment, and the group provides its operating companies deep expertise in a number of disciplines: corporate strategy, organizational management, culture and training, financial strategy, employee operations, recruiting, and expert legal diligence.

Teall Sports & Entertainment is led by Ben C. Sutton, Jr. and an executive management team that built and expanded four national market-leading businesses in the college sports space:  IMG College Multi-media, IMG College Seating, IMG College Licensing and IMG Learfield Ticketing. Teall invests in complementary organizations that can strategically work together to realize greater value, sharing in expertise, thought leadership, and networks.

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About Sunshine Beverages

Sunshine is a fast-growing beverage company based in Winston-Salem, NC offering better-for-you energy drinks with great sparkling taste and no extreme ingredients. The company’s beverages are available in three delicious flavors—Ginger Berry, Clementine Twist, and Blueberry Lemonade—all of which are packed with vitamins, electrolytes, and organic caffeine to deliver the perfect pick-me-up. In a market overrun with extreme energy drinks, Sunshine is pioneering efforts to redefine the energy category by bringing good energy to consumers with the promise of great taste, no artificial flavors, lower sugars, and only 60 calories per can. Learn more at